This is kind of hard to explain. I am working on a help desk project that
ties into an Access Database. Adding a ticket is no problem, however I want
it to activate a checkbox and enter the date and time that appears on another
form. I am trying to figure out how to link the ADO from my main form to
the sub form so that I can bind the check boxes and text boxes to the ADO
on the main form. I am using the Microsoft ADO Component for my ADO Connection.
I am very new to VB so this may be an easy question. Also FYI, I am using

Another question I have on this project is that I am using a datacombo that
will pull up my available techs. I want to know how I can make it input the
tech's phone number into the appropriate text box when they are selected.
I have linked the datacombo to ADODC1 and ADODC2 where just a number represents
the tech on the DB linked to ADODC1 and the name is found in the lookup table
linked to ADODC2. The phone number is also linked to ADODC2. If anyone has
info on this I would love to hear it. THANK YOU