With excellent planning and advanced knowledge of flash 5 amazing websites
were able to be delivered. The most common arguments put forward by people
about flash were
1. Requires plug-in
a) over 98% of browsers in the world are flash 5 compliant.
2.Long downloads
a) Like any web site that s badly planned yes there were plenty of 15 year
olds pupming out 500kb jpg rich, text blinking annoyances. However great
flash skills allowed for 5-15kb animated sites which integrated with sophisticated
backends(CF,PHP,ASP,XML etc), vastly improving the users experience and advancing
the web as a whole.(There were of course the J Neilsons out there, although
they probably hate books with images in them, movies with images in them,
in fact anything of a visual nature, the whole planet should be text)
3.It is an animation tool.
a)One should be wary of undervaluing a product without fully understanding
its potential. Flash 5 was quickly dismissed by many developers, strange.
It is a product which allows for complete control over an entire web site,
from animation, javascripting, applications, db's etc etc. The functionality
of flash is phenomenal, those who have not experienced it are DEFINITELY
missing out. And whats more may potentially be costing themselves in the
future. There is a very real possibility that flash may become one of the
most dominant mediums on the web, so flash developers may become very highly
demanded, tool up.
With the release of flash mx, the product just got better, although a lot
of the new features were things which many of us created work arounds for
in flash 5 such as dynamically loading jpgs, the bugs which have been removed
from flash mx make it an excellent upgrade. No more white space problems
in XML, streaming video, sound, sorenson codec, scripted masking, and improved
action script.
Flash is one pwerfull tool. Keep in mind that this versin of flash not only
renders Generator redundant, but also cuts even further into accepted apps
such as Director. (Its almost all the way through as far as the web is concerned).
So as a developer will I take on proprietry technology such as Macromedias
Flash, Well, like every other designer/developer who uses the product the
devotion is border line cult- find out why.