Try this:

Create a large video memory buffer to delay the video playback.

Zolt Seregi <> wrote:
>Hello programming gurus,
>Does anyone know if in VB5 or VB6 it is possible to write an app that
>would continuously capture a video stream (to file or not) and play it
>back with a delay (i.e. lag)?
>For example, if the delay is 10 seconds and a video camera is recording
>a live event, then the video playing on screen is lagging 10 seconds
>behind the live action.
>If yes, can you point me in the right direction. BTW, this is a
>for-fun-open-source-project with practical applications: analyze golf
>swing, karate kicks, dance steps, etc.
>FYI, I've checked MSDN, sample source, and sites like Ray Mercer's
> (my motivation for attempting this in VB), but
>still have some work ahead of me before I understand how things like
>video buffers and callbacks can be used in VB.
>Zolt Seregi