hi there!

tried my luck at programmersheaven but didn't get a reply and i don't have
much time left to complete my project .

i have to make a visual basic dll for a project i'm working on. because i
only know the basics of visual basic (beginner) i really got stuck! don't
know where to start and how to return collections and so on...

i tried a long time but i have some kind of dynamic objects to return in
a collection.

what the component has to do (it will be called in an asp file in later use):

1) get some data from an sql server, calling a stored procedure. no problem,
done this, all the data is in a recordset

2) return all recordsets so the asp file can handle them

problem: HOW do i return these recordsets? in a collection? but i can only
add objects to a collection, and therefore i need a dynamic object? it seems
i'm blind cause i didn't find anything on the web.

i've seen various examples where every row of the recordset is stored in
an object. this object is then added to a collection.

my problem: i can't use a object because the field names and the attributes
i get through the recordset and the stored procedure vary in some cases.
don't know how to make such a dynamic object. any ideas?

so could you please help me finding a way to realize step #2? returning the

thank you so very much

best regards,