the behaviour I'm trying to achive is to have tabbed user interface (IE5+
compatible, NN is irrelivant, Mozilla 1.0+ support is a plus) with tabs linking
to pages that are not yet cashed. I use ASP and will want to have
complicated form represented as a tabs interface, so when user fills info
the first panel and clicks next or switches to the next tab the page that
is displayed is the modified version based on the info from the previous
What's more this tabbed interface is just a part of the bigger page, which
I don't want to reload at all.

Another thing is somewhat related to my previous question, sometime ago I
was on site (the problem is I don't remeber which one) and it didn't have
frames, however when I clicked on text link an additional content was displayed,
however it was loaded from the server (I saw how content was downloaded and
there was a big delay) and not stored in the original html page. Therefore,
I wonder on the way to achive the same behaviour.

Thank you very much in advance.