I'm not sure why this error is occuring. The Help files suggests I have not
exposed a programmability interface. The structure of my program is as follows:
Class Module 1 - Contains variable declarations and property procedures.
Class Module 2 - Retrieves data from SQL7 tables and assigns values to the
variables in Class Module 1. It then writes those values to a text file.
Form - there is only one form. there is a button which calls the Sub in
class Module 2 and passes a date specified by the user via a datepicker.
I'm using VB6. My computer is an NT4.0 workstation. When I run the program
on my computer it works perfectly, but throws the automation error when installed
and run from my user's computer. I get the same error whether it is installed
on an NT 4.0 workstation or Windows 98. The error occurs after the button
on the form has been clicked.
Can anyone point me in the right direction for finding the solution to this
Thank you,