To achieve what you want, there is no javascript involved.
It's about "targetting" the frame from your links.

Give each frame src a unique name (instead of "No name", like you have now),
eg. in your case "banner" for the topframe, "navi" for the leftframe and
"content" for the bottomright frame.
Then in your links (in the left frame) you add the TARGET attribute, whose
value matches the frame's name, to every <a href> link, eg <a href="some.html"

See also "How do I make a link or form in one frame update another frame?"
at <>.


"Vince Wilcox" <> wrote:
>I hope this is not a dumb question, although I also hope it is easy to answer
>and you can help. I am an HTML designer and have run into a frames problem
>that I think can be solved by a Javascript. Here is the problem;
>My HTML page is a frames page that gets it's content from three different
>souces. The top half is a head banner frame, the bottom left is a navigation
>frame, and the bottom right is a frame with content depending upon the last
>link you selected. There is an example of what I am talking about at
>You will have to click your back button to select the second link and see
>the bottom right contect change. I would like to create one frame page,
>making the top and left frame always remain the same. Then, while the viewer
>is at the "sart.html" page thay will click on the list and this link will
>take them to the frames page and the "linked" text page will be inserted
>into the bottom Right of the frames page.
>I want to do this so that I only need to create one frame page and then

>page for each link. Currently, I have to create a frames page for each

>on the "start.html" page and a content page for the bottom right, content
>Can you help me with this?