The price charged for a web page all depends wher you live and how big the
company is that is designing the site.
I'm a freelance web designer. for the UK.
for example, where I live, the average price for a plain HTML and graphics
site is about 100-175 per page. Any sort of scripting or database developemnt,
ASP etc. is usualy charged according to the databes or what ever. (relevant
to size)

However in London or the states, you can expect to pay at least 200+ for
a plain HTML and graphics page.

As a freelance desdigner, you basicly charge according to your experience.
If you have lots of good URL's or are highly skilled at ASP, DHTML, Perl,
CGI etc, you can charge as much as you feel neccessary, if you are a beginner,
you wont get any work if you are over charging.

hope that helps..


<> wrote:
>My first freelance design opportunity was for a local
>carrer opps site and i charged by the page initially and then
>for different formats that where in the page like asp/java/ and such by

>hours it took me to develop them, but after i wazs done before i uploaded
>i got a quote from an isp that offered
>site building and as much as i charged it was not even close to what they
>would have i called back and asked how they went about charging
>and all they would tell me is there designer makes an hourly wage plus bonus.
>thats all i know man(^: