I can only address problem #1--a new browser session. First, to clarify--you
probably want a new browser window to pop up with the link target. (If you
are looking for a new "session" you might be talking about ASP programming
and this is the wrong Discussion list for that.) Here's how to make a clicked
link open the target page in a new window:

<a href="newpage.htm" target="anywindownameyouwanthere">

The users computer keeps track of open windows on the desktop by naming the
windows. While a named window is open the computer will keep track of that
windows name. If the link above is clicked a new browser window will open
and it will be named "anywindownameyouwanthere". Now, let's say that the
user goes back the original browser instance where your page is located and
clicks on another link that you have set up like this:

<a href="newpage2.htm" target="_blank">

Now a third window will pop up and display newpage2.htm.
Say the user closes this browser instance and again goes back to the original
browser instance displaying your page. He clicks on yet a third link like

<a href="newpage3.htm" target="anywindownameyouwanthere">

This time newpage3.htm will load in the second browser instance--the window
previously named anywindownameyouwanthere. And, there's something tricky
here... that second browser instance will load the page. But, the window
may not pop up in front of the original browser. The user might think that
nothing happened. This is why you should test it and see if it does what
you want with multiple clicks.

You can also do this with javascript and possibly get better results. With
javascript you can also create a "Close" button on the new target window.

Finally, this kind of thing is explained in any basic HTML book. I suggest
that you start consulting a reference book before posting on a discussion
board. It is the best way to learn. I suggest the O'Reilly publisher books
like "HTML In a Nutshell."

"Girish" <> wrote:
>I am a Web SIte Designer ,just a beginner i want to know the following things
>1. HOw to Force a Browser to open a new browser session when clicking on
>a URL?
>2. Clicking on a mail how to send a mail TO and CC Recepient..