"benjaminkv" <benjaminkv@yahoo.com> wrote:
>Dave Mendlen (Microsoft) <davemen@microsoft.com> wrote in message
>| I apologize for keeping Ari off the groups today - he's been in meetings
>| me and others from the VB management team summarizing some of the
>| and genuine concerns voiced in the forums.
>| Again, my apologies.
>| Dave Mendlen
>| Lead Product Manager, Visual Studio.NET
>There is other much more important things that I wish to draw your attention
>There was another place where Ari posted the same message as well. I simply
>cannot understand how you MSFT folks can forget your own NG and have all
>important messages and news posted firstly at devx or at devx only. I
>regularly see Mr. Robert Scoble posting the fact that devx has direct access
>to MSFT and all important news get revealed first through devx and then

>elsewhere. Is the MSFT website and newsgroups such a big shame or burden

>all of you at MSFT?
>Well it could be a matter of internal discipline, or you could have legal
>agreements to this effect. But we feel betrayed and ashamed.
>I reiterate the fact that I continue to love devx and support them for their
>splendid dotnet coverage.

Actually, Ari posted his message to the Microsoft newsgroup first and then
later to DevX.

Dave Mendlen
Lead Product Manager, Visual Studio.NET