I use a dll active X that I have coded.
This dll active X used to work very fine with VB application.
I use VB6, office 2000 on NT 4.0 workstation platform SP5

When I want to use my dll activeX with a simple vba :
- I register the dll with regsvr32 on the computer
- I try to use my vba code with Excel: the result is that the object from
the dll haven't been find
by the vba interpreter code. In the references part (tools\references in
vba), the dll active x is referenced
as MISSING; but the name and path as indicated are the good ones ...

the solution I use is :
- i browse to find my dll for the references of vba for execl and it works
But I can not do that for 50 users ...

My question is: how can I use and active x dll with vba macro for office
2000 without manualy
reference it (does it exists an automatic/programmatic way to reference it
in VBA code)?

thanks for the help.