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Thread: Using flash ......

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    Abiyu Guest

    Using flash ......


    i am planning to design a page in flash in that , two birds will be flying
    from the opposite dirrection . when they meet in the mid-way , a cross that
    was invisible before jumps in between . after the cross got its way in between
    a bright light will magnify from the point of contact and goes in every dirrection
    . like a wave, created by the dropping of water on the ocean. small circles...bigger
    ones....very big ones.....goes on...

    please tell me from which sites i get information to get the job done .
    beside this which is the recent realeas of the Flash software ..
    please help , a new job is comming ... and i am just newbie

    Thank you very much,

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    deb Guest

    Re: Using flash ......

    use a search for flash tutorials and you will find all kinds of help and examples.
    The latest version of Flash is 5, a trial version is available from

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    Abiyu Guest

    Re: Using flash ......


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