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Thread: development

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    Chris Guest


    can vb be used to build programs like, studio max and maya??

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    Mike D Sutton Guest

    Re: development

    > can vb be used to build programs like, studio max and maya??

    Hmm, yes with enough imagination, but it's really not suited to the kind of
    heavy graphics in the two apps you mentioned. I suppose you could do all to
    low level image processing and mathematics in a C DLL or such then build the
    application framework in VB for better performance, but you really want the
    graphics code in particular to run as smoothly as possible. Knowing ASM
    (You can write that directly into a C DLL) wouldn't be a bad idea either for
    the real number crunching algorithms, go as low level as you can.
    So basically, yes in theory, but in practice it's not really viable.


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    Warren Guest

    Re: development

    I doubt anyone would want to try it because 3d studio max and maya are two
    of the most complex and powerful pieces of graphics software out on the market.
    Like Mike said, you would have to write almost all the code in c++ or ASM
    because of the incredible amount of calculations involved in 3D modeling.
    I've attempted in writing a modeling program in just vb and it was so slow
    at doing all the calculations that I gave up on it forever. Some things just
    can't be done in Visual Basic.

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