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Thread: Table borders dreamweaver

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    Steve Starz Guest

    Table borders dreamweaver

    How do I only show vertical or horizontal borders in dreamweaver e.g. vertical

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    Scott Davison Guest

    Re: Table borders dreamweaver

    Simply put - you can't...

    What you can do though is to make a simple graphic which will repeat itself
    to look like a border. To do this - make a 1 px by 1 px box and fill it with
    black (or whatever) save it as a .gif. Now, in Dreamweaver what you want
    to do - add an extra row or cell (TR or TD) to your table.

    Select the TD or TR where you want to have the border and tell it (in the
    Properties inspector) that it has a background image, then guide it to the
    appropriate image. The image will now repeat itself down or across the TD
    or TR, thus forming the illusion of a border. The joy of this method (as
    opposed to making a 250 x 1 px image for the border) is that it will automatically
    adjust itself to the length or width of your table.

    I would probably put in a 1x1 px transparent gif into the TD or TR just to
    hold it in place. Dreamweaver will insert the ' ' if you don't put in
    anything, but some browsers will ignore this and cause problems i.e. probably
    NN 4.0++. Furthermore, in the properties inspector I'd tell it that the the
    row or cell is 1px wide.

    You can use this quite successfully for creating adaptable dropshadows for
    tables too. You can see a demo of this at a site I did here:

    Hope this has been of help - Scott Davison

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    George Guest

    Re: Table borders dreamweaver

    "Steve Starz" <> wrote:
    >How do I only show vertical or horizontal borders in dreamweaver e.g. vertical

    The trick I used is to assign an inline, (or an external stylesheet if you
    use it a lot) style. Define a border, where the colors of sides you DON'T
    want to show are the same as the background color. Assign the style to the
    table cell, and pronto, you have 1,2,3 or 4 sides.

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