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Thread: Multiple Parent/Single Child UML Modeling Question

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    Kevin Guest

    Multiple Parent/Single Child UML Modeling Question


    I have a question regarding the multiplicity setting. If I have a child Address
    object that holds data for multiple parents, like Customer, Vendor, etc.
    What is the multiplicity setting of the Parent?

    Assume that an Address cannot exist without a Parent. In that case, a multiplicity
    setting of 0 on all parents would seem to mean that an Address can exist
    without a parent. I think the multiplicity setting should be 1. Arguements
    against that say that would mean that there has to be a record in each parent
    table for every address record, which it not the case either, the Customer
    parent would only point to customer related address records, not all address

    What is correct?


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    elliferg Guest

    Re: Multiple Parent/Single Child UML Modeling Question

    have you thought about creating a stereotype?

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