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Thread: OT: ...sort of...Sightings

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    Linda Guest

    OT: ...sort of...Sightings

    I have to say that I miss the Project Cool site. I did then sign up for the
    daily sighting and am disappointed at some of the selections.

    The one about urban legends for instance. I understand that content is important,
    but I have a problem with it being delivered poorly. In my opinion the sites
    for sightings should have *everything* together (and I don't mean that it
    must have the latest and greatest technologies, because that doesn't necessarily
    make a site great and sometimes it makes it worse). The text on the top navigation
    frame on the site is too small on my system. There are barely enough pixels
    to render the text. And all the logos they use made me wonder if they have
    permission to use them from the companies they represent. These are just
    two issues with this site, but important ones none the less.

    Maybe I'm cracked, but it is what I think. Am I alone in with this feeling?
    And if not, what can we do about it?


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    Linda Guest

    Re: OT: ...sort of...Sightings

    Okay, I suppose I could post to the editors forum. But I'm still interested
    in knowing if others feel the same way.

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