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Thread: Javascript not working on Mac, works on PC

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    Jane L Guest

    Javascript not working on Mac, works on PC

    I have a webpage that opens up a new window(when you click on an image) and
    displays an image in that new window. It works fine on PC's, but on Mac the
    new window pops up with nothing in it. Both are using Internet Explorer v5+.
    Javascript IS turned on. Why doesn't it work on Mac?
    Want to see? Click on any of the first top three images at
    I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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    Michael Q. Gautier Guest

    Re: Javascript not working on Mac, works on PC

    When I use to develop ecommerce applications that had to work cross browser,
    I could usually nail down JavaScript problems to a few causes:

    Using/not using semi-colons (can't remember which since it was over a year

    Not using the fully qualified syntax (e.g. window.document versus document
    or window).

    I've generally found it helpful in the past to write JavaScript that complies
    more with the Netscape model and avoid features that don't work equally on
    both browsers. I later migrated to using browser detection and writing script
    specific to the DOM.

    The reference I used most of the time was JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
    By David Flanagan

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