I have been developing an unconventional site that utilizes CSS and DIV tags
to position (absolute) elements on the page. It works in IE for Mac and
Windows but NS 4.5 throws the DIV elements all over the page and sometimes
visually cuts off the underlying HTML table and image structure. PLEASE,
if some one could look at the source code for this one pagfe and suggest
a solution. CSS is in the Head obviously, and the DIVs are at the bottom,
following the main content.:


I have run out of ideas and can't search for solutions any more...need sleep...

Perhaps someone could tell me if it's a lost cause to try and make it work
for Netscape 4.xx. After all, the site is definitely already designed to
exclude many by its sheer size and unconventional layout. I could accept
a good argument for my client to forget NS4. as a good solution...