Hi all, thank you for looking over my problem.

I am working on a new website venture, i have good html and cgi skills inc
some other developement skills (database, jave etc etc)

My website will provide the following security services to webmasters.

1) website link protection
2) image anti-copy protection
3) html code protection
and lots more.

It will work simular to sites like www.anti-leech.com, and i have already
got alot of the developemnt up and running.

Here is the problem

If i do it like other simular projects do, i have to do it so that all content
(images, software, links etc etc) that the end user wants to protect, have
to be copied physicaly onto my sites protected database, and then a link
is replaced with the origonal unprotected resource on the end users site,
so when it is clicked on for example, it connects to my site wich then takes
controll etc.

But by doing it this way meens alot of content going onto my server, using
up large amounts of space and bandwidth.

Is there a better way i can do this?

Thank You in advance for ANY help offered.