This is probably going to sound newbie but here goes...lol I have been currently
designing web pages for work. I have an intro page, http://plaza.ufl.edu/pwisdom
, and it works perfectly. In the top right hand corner of the webpage there
are three links (contact us, bsd mission statement, and sitemap). I'm using
a dhtml menu, which looks very nice and I am pleased with so far. I used
the exact same code from the intro page to do these and did some modifications
at the bottom. I've noticed that on the three links listed above (contact
us, bsd mission, & sitemap)that if you click on one of the links in the menu
bar and then try to go back sometimes it will push the first set of text
to the far left column. I've also noticed in netscape that on these pages
the page actually looks like it shifts from the intro page. Does anyone
know what is going on with this. I've looked and looked at the html and
cannot find any reason for these things to happen. I am in desperate need
of help because I want these web pages to be absolutely perfect. If someone
has any suggestions please email me.