Hi Developer,

I created an application ( microsoft access)with a standard heading and a
tab control with 3 pages under the heading. I named the form SalesContactMainform.
I put a textbox with a command button for search on the heading. Below is
my code for the search function. When I type "MyRs.(dot)", I don't have Findfirst
member in the lists. Also, when I type "If Not MyRs.(dot)" I don't see the
NoMatch member. How do I get the method or data member?

Private Sub Search_Click()
'Seaching for Customer through Recordset
'On Error GoTo Search_Click_Err
Dim Criteria As String
Dim MyRs As Recordset

'Dim SalesContactMainForm As Form
Set MyRs = Forms![SalesContactMainForm].RecordsetClone
Criteria = "[CustomerName] "
MyRs.Findfirst Criteria
If Not MyRs.NoMatch Then
Forms![SalesContactMainForm].Bookmark = MyRs.Bookmark
End If
Set MyRs = Nothing
End Sub

Thanks for your help