How to Response many cookies into some differents files whith a size of 2k
into the same site and then Request each cookie specifing it's file

My problem is,

I have a asp1.asp whith 50 Fields that together exceed de length of 2k (the
limit of file's cookies ), i need to Response them to a cookie's file, then
i call another asp2.asp whith another 50 Fields that together also exceed de
length of 2k , and i need also to Response them to another cookie's file,
and the same whit more 3 asp.

How can i Response into several cookies files (maybe with the
Response.Cookies("Fiels1").Path property?) , and then into the same site ,
in some Load1.asp

how can i make the Request of each cookie [ex: Request.Cookies("Fiels1") ]
specifing the file where it was Response??

I wish an answer as soon as possible , please