I am looking at the IBuySpy example. I can see that the IBuySpyDB.vb class
has a Property called

ConnectionString that is declared as Shared ReadOnly.

How does .NET know to link the 2 between the ProductsDB.vb and IBuySpyDB.vb?

Moreover, I know how to get a property value that is defined in a different
class; BUT I don't know how to get a new Function that I created in
IBuySpyDB.vb to be seen in ProductsDB.vb

Is there some example somewhere to show me the correct syntax and
declarations similar to how a Property value is accessed link in both the
IBuySpyDB.vb and ProductsDB.vb?

I keep getting a error User-defined type not defined error. So I am
thinking that when I dimension and call the object or function in say the
ProductsDB.vb, I am not doing that correctly OR I am not declaring the new
function in IBuySpy.vb correctly to be seen in other classes.