I have a stored proc that sets the security levels. There are three login
levels 1 annonimous,2 we check for email and password,3 we know the user
and he is logged in. We have a session time out which is 15 min after session
timed out,
users are redirected to login page and they are in login level 2 . To calculate
time out, Stored proc records lastdatetime activity
and if its less then sessiontimeout column in the database which is 15 min
then user in login level 3 else 2. The problem
is that when user closes browser and opens it back in for example in 2 min
he is still in login level 3. Where can I wright a code
so when user closes browser and opens it back in to 2 min set login level
to 2 and redirect to login page.
We are not using session variables its based on site server which creates
shopper id and writes a cookie.

Let me know if you have any questions
Thank you in advance