Hi Brian,

You might want to check out GameStudio at http://conitec.net/a4info.htm since
it creates standalone games which are constructed in a similar fashion to
the editors you have used. Note that you might want to ask some questions
on the message board there. I have not used this product and cannot say if
it lives up to all the claims made.

As for a programming language you definitely want to learn C++ and there
are tons of beginning C++ books out there. Look for the highest rated ones
at online sites such as Amazon and Fatbrain. As for schools, the only one
I know of for game programming is the school of hard knocks :) A good site
to start at is http://www.gamedev.net. Lots of people on the boards there
will answer basic questions. Good luck.


"Brian" <bsk62@hotmail.com> wrote:
>I am wanting to develope a first person 3D game along the same lines as

>(Looking Glass Studios).
>First of all, is C/C++ the right language to pursue? If not , what language
>would you suggest and what is the best place to learn coding (school, books,
>private classes)?
>And second, is coding the answer or is there a program or group of programs
>that would allow me to create such a game?
>I am 38 years old and a very visual person. I have had some success with
>Thief's DromEd and Quake3's Q3Radient level editing programs. I am quite
>good with Bryce4 and am learning the ins & outs of Photoshop.
>Thank you in advance for your learned counsel,
>Brian Kirsch