I am trying to generate some DHTML on the fly. If I copy the HTML generated
and paste it in the document then the code works fine, however if I generate
the code and replace the innerHTML of a <DIV> then the code fails to execute.
I would like to get an image to move accross the screen. Here is the code
that I am trying to gen.

<WebMethod> Public GetImg() as string
sRet = sRet & "<IMG begin=""0"" end=""5"" restart=""always"" id=""imgItem""
class=""time"" style=""LEFT: 200px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 200px"" src=""images/workflow_workitem_animate.gif"">"
sRet = sRet & "<t:animatemotion onstart=""alert('Start')"" onend=""document.all.item('imgItem').outerHTML=''""
targetElement=""imgItem"" to=""1,800"" dur=""60"" fill=""hold"" restart=""always""></t:animatemotion>"

GetImg = sRet

end Function

script tag removed
<!--- script language="Javascript">
function DrawImage(){
divImageContainer.innerHTML = GetImg();
<!--- --->