I am having several small problems with a CAB file that I am using on a site.
The DLL is being created on a Win2000 machine and the CAB package is generated
on the same machine. I have a page that contains the following tag

<object id="ObjectName" width="0" height="0"
classid="CLSID:class id"

where each of the words like ObjectName contain actual values pertaining
to my CAB. My problem is even though I have downloaded the file it keeps
wanting to download the file everytime I access the page. THe client machine
that is accessing the site is a Win95 machine. I have noticed that the creation
date in the Downloaded Program Files folder contains a garbage date of "01/01/1601
W|". I tried recreating the CAB and downloading again with the same results.
Does anyone know what is happening. I cannot find anything on this issue.