I use a intranet server running W2K Server and IIS 5.0. ASP.Net is installed.
There are no problems with the server. I can run ASP from it and if I create
an .aspx page in a text editor, it runs on the server, too.

The server is named Test8 and the web alias is "tnet". Entering http://tnet/mypage.aspx
brings up and executes the page. I have Inetpub mapped to my Q: drive on
my laptop.

HOWEVER, when I try to start a new ASP.Net web app in the VS.Net IDE, I am
asked for an application name. Let's say I go with the default "WebApplication1".
I am asked for a location. I enter "http://tnet/". I get the following error:

"The default Web access mode for this project is set to files share, but
the project folder at http://tnet/WebApplication1 cannot be opened with the
path \\tnet\wwwroot$\WebApplication1. The error returned was:

"Unabale to create WebApplication1. Unabale to create the web location \\tnet\wwwroot$\WebApplication1.
The network name cannot be found."

I can't find anything of use in the VS help files.

WHAT AM I MISSING? What switch isn't being thrown? I've tried creating a
project going to \\tnet, to the Test8 server, and to the Q:\ drive (all the
same place). WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??

This anbgers me greatly. Grrrr........

Thanks, folks!