With .Net release, I am trying to do IAdsUser.SetPassword through a C# ASP.Net
application. ASP.Net authentication type is None in web.config. Virtual directory
authentication method set is Anonymous access. Appl protection is set to
I impersonate using input user credentials, bind to the user object using
LDAP path and call SetPassword.
(I do not use WinNT bcos it doesn't follow the granular permissions on the
object as LDAP does.)
Case 1) After impersonation using "Mydomain\Myuser", while binding to AD
user given:
Authenticationtype = Secure
In .Nativeobject call, I get error, "Logon failure: unknown username or bad
Case 2) After impersonation using "Mydomain\Myuser", while binding to AD
user given:
Authenticationtype = Secure
In method .SetPassword, I get error "The referenced account is currently
locked out and may not be logged on to". I verified that the user account
is not locked by checking the status in AD.

Both the above cases work fine if its a Console application and fail only
for ASP.Net. Similar code works fine from VB6 or ASP application for the
same user objects.
Also this code worked fine till beta 2 and RC.
I also tried above code without impersonation and Basic authentication, but
the results are same.

Is there anything that needs to be done that I am missing in case of ASP.Net?
Please help.