Can this be accomplished in an ASP page using JavaScript????..

This is part of an eCRM that is going to be Open Source for ALL to enjoy...
a lot of the serious problems were resolved by fellow Haneng members and

I just thought it would not be fair to SELL the original Code....

eCRM source-code includes:
Access 2000 or SQL db
ASP/JavaScript/VBscript/XML/DHTML mixed

This part has had me stumped for awhile now:

Display a pop-up reminder, a short message that is programmed to "pop-up"
at pre-defined time intervals,
this uses an Access 2k db to store the "reminder" info. I am pulling the
related records from the db table
using ASP...

I thought of using WSH and VBS but thought this would be too hard on the
as I would need to check the db every 5 minutes for the conditions to be
Once met these conditions would open the pop-up...

Thought about also using the Global.asa On-Session_Start, but looping Unitl
a condition is
met in the db query is NOT an option, besides it would timeout after about

90 sec. or 20 min on Session Timeout....which is not good either...

Each reminder could be set to "go-off" at a particular date and time, or
at regular intervals as specified by the user.

Once the reminder notice is displayed, the user can :

--View the reminder by clicking on a "View" button
--Cancel the reminder by clicking on the "Cancel" button
--Click on a "Snooze" or "Re-schedule" button to dismiss the reminder until
another convenient time

The pop-up reminder will only "pop-up", or be displayed for the user who
initially set the reminder.

FrOg 8)