My partner is trying to print a report with Crystal Report, they are using
the Crystal Report Web Form viewer (working with VS .NET final) and can view
the report succesfully. The problem occurs when they try to print the report
via a print button. They already can send the report via email and export
it to PDF succesfully (and print as PDF), but cannot print it from the web
form. The previous version of Crystal Report in VS 6.0 had a icon which printed
the report, but that option is not available in the new VS .NET version.
They do not wish to use the print menu option in the browser, because it
only prints the current page of the report.
We tried using the .NETFramework: ReportDocument.PrinttoPrinter method
(shown in MSDN Libarary) but it generates the following error:"error occurred
in file (the filename.rpt), request cancelled by the user " when calling
the method. Am I missing something? We tried the same code in a windows
form (win32 exe) and were not succesful. Any suggestion appreciated.