My question is, are you in college? If you are, don't worry about the job
quite yet and just learn. Then
when you know a little more, get a good internship. If you do that, when
you graduate you will be pretty
good to go. If you're learning on your own, even though I'm still in college,
I would venture to guess it's
going to be pretty tough for you to get a programmer's job without a degree.
It's really the best way to
learn. You can teach yourself a programming language easily, but there are
some things an employer
will be looking for that you most likely won't have because you haven't had
the college experience. That's
just my opinion. Good luck otherwise.


"Cornell" cornell.hunter wrote:
> I am just getting started with programming and wanted to know what are
>some good books to learn C/C++. I am currently working on my MCSD but would
>like to learn some more programming languages. I also have another qestion
>what advice would you give to someone who is trying to get a job as a programmer
>but doesn't have on-the-job experience? I am in that sitution right now

>someone please help?
>Cornell H.