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>Hay im just starting in 13 and i am good at javascript i was wondering if
>u could tell me what u can do with C++ and where should i get started. THX

c++ is the higest level of programming language today
you can do every thing by using c++ programming.in other words you can do
evrything with the help of c++ which other old languages do not support.
or we can say this is the best computer programming language today.
you can design games,windows,make changes in operating sysytems like linux
operating systemetc
try to start learning how to to make a program which add substract divide
and multiply
example of c++ programm whichwhen compiled asks you to writ to numbers then
program adds number and gives the result
int a;
int b;
cout << "write two numbers with space between them and press enter" <<endl;
cin >> a >> b;
int sum = a + b;
cout << sum is << sum << endl;

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the above information is according to my knowledge
and there may be many flaws for better informations read books