I have got a strange problem I am sure someone of you have solved.

I have a Asp.NET application installed on a w2k server. The application contains
,besides the .net pages , also old asp pages that has not been "converted"
into "the new world "- .NET
The problem is that the asp pages are cached in a strange way. Sometimes
are they cached for ever in the clients browser cache (until the user explicity
empties the cache) and sometimes it seems to work smotheless.
I have the response.expires = -999 to be sure that the page has expired for
the user - I have also turned on the http header expire functionality in
the iis (expire emideately) but nothing change the behaivour.
If I am explicit requesting the page from the server (by pressing the ctrl
button at the same time as I am pressing the refresh button in my IE 6) it
returns the new page from the server where I can see my changes.
If I am going back to this page later (when I know that there should be some
changes to it -> changes are done in the database that is rendered from this
page) the changes is not visible -> it is still a local cache..

The aspx pages work fine.
Thanx in advance!