Hello everybody,

My problem is :

I'm using a CEdit control and i'd like to do something when the user has
pressed on the keyboard.

But i'm looking for the events 'something ..KEYDOWN' and it doesn't appear
in the 'Event Handler', but i know that the 'CEdit' class is derived from
the 'CWnd' class , right ? and i've seen a fonction that can be implemented
in CWnd class :

afx_msg void OnKeyDown( UINT nChar, UINT nRepCnt, UINT nFlags );

So, my question is :

How to get the Events of the parent Class in the 'Event Handler' (or
somewhere else perhaps ...) ?

.... I have Searched in the MSDN, and i have found nothing, perhaps you know
in wich chapter i have to go ...

Thank's to anyone.