I can't seem to get CrystalReportViewer to work,
I have started through this Walkthrough, but get
stuck very early on!


the walkthrough says that i need my server to have some dll
files, to the best of my knowledge (and all guidence) i have
installed .NET correctly, but i am missing two of the three
dll files needed:

Crystal Report Engine (CREngine.dll) - ???
Crystal Report Designer (CRDesigner.dll) - have this file in different location

Crystal Report Viewer web form Control (CRWebFormViewer.dll) - ???

has anybody else had this problem?
do you know if i have to re-install? - i don't want to as my machine only
just meet the minimum spec and is very s...l...o...w!
can i copy the files from some other location?

please help,
i am on the verge of waisting half a day (or more) to re-install!

many thanks,