First of all - is this the best place to post about this? Our "company" is
currently developing an add-on pack for a game called NetStorm.

For anyone who is interested,

We have just about all of the staff we need - Graphics Artist, Concept, Web
Team, etc... The only thing we are lacking are experienced programmers. Also
we might use with a few more graphics artists... but the main thing is that
we are looking for programmers using either Visual C, Visual C++, or Visual
Basic who have 3 or more years of programming experience. We used to have
4 programmers, but we couldn't reach them for a couple of months so we decided
that they shouldn't be working any longer. We still have one experienced
programmer left. Also I myself have started learning Visual C++. It is a
great task I have to admit (the other person showed me a .cpp file from the
source code and I almost went crazy). It does take a long time and a lot
of dedication and patience.

So Is anyone interested in the offer? Full details will be sent by email
upon reply.

Thank You
Nikita Logatchev.