I have been a VB progammer for 10 years. I spent most of my time in creating
data entry forms and data editing forms. That is my main focus is in retrieving
and saving data into the database.

I've been doing the job without using databinding. Now, since Microsoft has
emphasize so much on databinding, so, recently I've tried some test on databinding
on a web form.

What I find out is, it is easy to display data on a web form using databinding;
but it is hard or impossible to save changes back into the database by databinding.
I have to re-populate the datatable in the dataset with changes before updating
which is actually not databinding.

To elaborate the case, lets say I have a button(btn1),textbox(txt1), an sqldataadapter(da1)
and a dataset(ds1) filled by ds1 and txt1.text is binded to table(0).columns(0)
in ds1.
After the web form is loaded, txt1 shows data as expected. Good! But, I also
expect after editing txt1, click btn1 and write a very simple short piece
of code, the database will be updated with the changes.
The code I wrote in btn1_click event handler is
Dim scb As New SqlClient.SqlCommandBuilder(da1)

But it didn't work!!!
The reason is the Page is POSTED BACK before running the btn1_Click event
handler. So, the textbox is re-populated with the original data from the
database. The whole issue lies in Microsoft persists textboxes but does not
persist dataset and dataadapter when post back and there is no way to save
them into ViewState before the Page_Load event.

I've tried a number of ways but still couldn't find a way to make use of
databinding to update the database with changes. I've to write code to update
table(0) in ds1 (like, ds1.table(0).rows(0)(1)=txt1.text.) before calling
da1.update(ds1). If I have 20 fields, I would have to write 20 such lines
which is not what I expect.

So, I would be very grateful if someone can point out to me a proper way
to make use of the databinding to facilitate database update.

Thanking in anticipation.