We have an asp.net app that uploads and downloads files
files from an FTP server. It works this way.
1) Put a MyFile.request file on the server
2) server processes and returns MyFile.txt
3) My application looks for MyFile.txt and downloads.

So far so good. The problem occurs if there is some error
in processing in which case the server does not return a
MyFile.txt but an error file called MyFile-MM-DD-YYYY-hh-
mm-ss.err and this file's type shown on the server is
binary . The MM-DD-YYYY-hh-mm-ss addition to the file name
is arbitrary over which I have no control. I am trying to
download this file by searching for MyFile*.err which
throws me an error saying invalid filename.
Could anyone help me here or tell me where I could look
for similar .net code to look for wildcard entries in
Thanks in advance