To keep members private and provide acces read write methods
for these members and to write pobj->SetX(x)/GetX()
instead accesing the public member (make it public). pobj->X
Is cool and more object oriented to call functions isn't it !!! :)

On the the hand whan using typelibraries out of components
what we can call are only methods.
Here comes the stupidity,
Intead calling function members to set/get members,
we prefer to look at it as it has members !!!
the super smart implenetation that expands the call into a member access
__declspec(property(get=GetMethod,put=PutMethod)) does the reverse.

So isn't stupid to access a member by a set of functions when we can access
the member... and to access a set of functions as a member when we can caa
the functions ? This is microsoft guys. very stupid