i was wondering if you can help me write a program in c++ in console application.If
you can, i would be very greatful.

Write a program that performs the following task:

1. Ask the user to enter the names of a set of people and store these names
in an array. The program should ensure that the names stored in the array
contain only letters of the alphabet.

2. After all names have been entered, display the names that were entered
by the user.

3. Compare each name with a number of set characters. These test characters
should be the first letter of the surname of each member. For example, if
the surnames of the persons Breth, Huckle, Triner and Vidal, the characters
to b considered would be B, H, T, and V. For each test character the program
should count the number of times the character occurs in the names stored
in the names array. Upper and lower case versions of the test characters
should be considered, so, for example, the character T would be counted as
being present in the names Breth, and Triner. The test characters should
be stored in an array whose name includes the test characters, e.g. test_bhtv.

4. Print each character followed by the number of times it occurs in the
names array.

Could You Please do it for me??? I would be forever thankful
if you do it.
A Million Thanks