First Thank you all for yor answer, i'm working on it right now ...

And that's right, like Ralph and Dany have said :

- "this is seldom a good idea. If you are using the 'services' of a class,
import the class, not pieces of it."
- "importing a piece of a class is rarely a good idea"

Ok, let me expain my problem :

class CclassB :
void (*fonction2) (double, double); // Wil be executed by an event in
Process 2 (Exe application)

class ATL_NO_VTABLE CclassA :
CtheclassInside = new CclassB;
CtheclassInside->fonction2 = fonction1;
CclassB* CtheclassInside;
void fonction1 (double, double); // will fire an event in Process1,
(visual basic form, single Exe)


The CclassA is a ATL class containing an event (IConnectionPoint) to fire
in a 'Visual Basic Form', and the CclassB is loading in a process of an
other 'Windows application'. This 'CclassB' is waiting for an event from
this 'Windows application', and then has to execute the fire function
'Fonction1' (Fire_MouseMove) of the ATL 'CclassA' to fire the event
'MouseMove' in the 'Visual Basic Form' .

'fonction1' will execute the public function 'Fire_MouseMove' of :

template <class T>
class CProxy_IclassAEvents : public IConnectionPointImpl<T,
&DIID__IclassAEvents, CComDynamicUnkArray>
//Warning this class may be recreated by the wizard.
VOID Fire_MouseMove(DOUBLE dPointX, DOUBLE dPointY)
T* pT = static_cast<T*>(this);
int nConnectionIndex;
CComVariant* pvars = new CComVariant[6];
int nConnections = m_vec.GetSize();

Ralph, you said :

- "If you are using the 'services' of a class, import the class, not pieces
of it"

I'm not sure it will be possible in this case ...

-> So, what do you suggest ??? What can i do ?

Thank's again...