Hi Guys,

Thanks for your helpful responses in this matter. I apologize for my obsession
with heaps but it is so crucial to my work. I will try to stop harping on
this issue and stop bugging you all about heaps as I am sure you all have
better things to do! So here is a final query and a request if you can suggest
a book for me to read on memory management.

Checked addresses returned by new and they are indeed different! But does
that realy mean my program should eventually crash? Actually I don't know
EXACTLY how the compiler finds memory in the heap to assign space - but I
imagined it would look for free space in the heap and allocate memory! My
program tells me there should always be free space (as far as the amount
required is concerned!) in each iteration! So I conclude that I am wrong
in my understanding of memory assignment. The MSDN library doesn't seem to
tell much (at least at my understanding level)!

Thanks so much to Danny and Ralph for your patience.