Hi all,
I have this code:
Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Conn.Open "data"
sql = "SELECT * FROM kong"
Set RS = Conn.Execute(sql)
dim i, prod_name,
prod_name = Request.Form ("prod_name")
if prod_name = "ALTEA" then
i = RS("d_al_s")
elseif prod_name= "AMULET" then
i = RS("d_al_w")
end if
where prod_name is name of form on previous ASP page and "i" is variable.
I need put this data (prod_name, i)in database, but I donīt know how write
this code:

"INSERT INTO kong (prod_name, discount) VALUES ('"& Request.Form ("prod_name")
& "','" ....... & "')"

where ...... is place for variable "i".
Do you understand me?
Iīm sorry, but my Englis is very bad.
Thank for your help.