We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the XtraBars Suite -
the first comprehensive MS Office Style toolbar and menu system for Visual
Studio .NET. Give your applications the look, feel and functionality your
end-users have come to expect from today's most popular applications,
without writing a single line of source code!

About the XtraBars Suite

The XtraBars removes the necessity of managing each toolbar and menu
individually by providing a centralized interface that controls the life
cycle of each Bar element. Because of its unique architecture, XtraBars is
able to provide unparalleled design and run-time customization facilities
for your applications.

When you incorporate the XtraBars into your project, you will instantly give
end-users the ability to create their own Bars, customize individual bar
elements, and specify settings such as most recently used menu items - Just
as they do inside Microsoft Office(r) applications.

XtraBars fully supports our XtraEditors library and as a result, provides
you with a huge collection of individual Bar editors - from drop down
calendars to combo boxes.


XtraBars is the first 100% C# based toolbar and menu system for Visual
Studio.NET. Written from ground up, it is optimized to take full advantage
of the .NET Framework and once integrated into your projects, will offer
your users the same exact functionality they have come to know in MS Office

XtraBars is not only easy to use from a user's perspective - it is easy to
use from a developer's perspective as well. Below is a short list of
features available to you when using XtraBars.

-- The Look and Feel of MS Office XP - XtraBars avails you to the new UI
standards introduced in the most recent release of MS Office.
-- Automatic Drag & Drop End User Customization - Just like MS Office, your
applications can allow end-users to fully customize toolbars and menus, thus
giving your apps a highly polished presentation.
-- Full Docking Support - No matter how your users wish to dock their
toolbars, XtraBars will make it happen.
-- WYSIWYG Toolbar and Menu Designer - XtraBars makes it easy to design your
next toolbar or menu via its ulta-intuitive visual designer.
-- Popup Context Menu - Not just a toolbar and menu - XtraBars also includes
a popup menu for use throughout your application.
-- Popup Container Control - With XtraBars and our Popup Container Control,
you can display any .NET control.
-- XtraSideBar - The XtraBars Suite includes the XtraSideBar component, an
MS Outlook(r) Style navigation bar.
-- XtraEditors Library Integation - No more hassles or limits when it comes
to using editors within a toolbar. XtraBars works in concert with our
XtraEditors Library allowing you to use all our field editors (from date
controls to combo boxes) directly within your toolbars.
-- Full MDI Support - XtraBars gives you the ability to construct
menus/toolbars for both SDI and MDI applications.
-- Quick Customization - Via XtraBar's Quick Customization feature, you can
modify toolbars at runtime using the 'Add or Remove Buttons' sub menu, just
as you do in Office XP.
-- Office XP Color Support - Office XP's color scheme is fully supported in
the XtraBars Suite.
-- Most Recently Used Items - Like Office XP, recently used submenu items
are fully supported.
-- Load/Save Setting to/from the Registry - Allows end user to customize
their toolbars/menus as their needs dictate and save/restore modifications
to/from the Registry. This can be accomplished automatically (via a single
property setting) or manually (to control the process in code).
-- Bar ListItem - Use it to create a numerated list of items created from a
list of strings. This feature is quite useful for creating lists of recently
used files and lists of active windows in an MDI applications.
-- Bar LinkContainerItem - Use it to represent items with programmatically
added links on a toolbar. You can, as an example, use this feature to create
a structure that resembles Favorites in Microsoft® Internet Explorer(r)
-- MDI ChildListItem - With this feature, you can represent a list of all
open MDI child windows without hassles.
-- Toolbar List - Allows you to easily display a list of available bars in
use within your application.

To learn more about the XtraBars Suite and the components that are included
within the component library, visit:

XtraGrid/XtraEditors customers are entitled to a $100.00 discount on the
purchase of the XtraBars Suite. To purchase, please visit:

Developer Express Inc.