The DataTable.Select function is a pretty nice tool for filtering data. However,
I do not know how to convert the array of dataRow()s returned by the function
to a DataSource property with out using a for loop to populate a DataTable.
Is there a way? If not, how do you enable the filter command on the DataView
to filter the data without having to DataBind it to a control? I have tables
populated in Cache and need subsets of those lists which will not all be
displayed but might be referenced. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I would like to display error messages on WebForms by simply making a large
textbox over the existing controls with an OK button. The TextBox and OK
button are not visible until an error occurs. When one does occur I simple
set the error message to the textbox's text property and make both controls
visible. Works fine and looks pretty good except that I cannot position the
DropDownList control behind the TextBox control. Is there a work around?
Or does it take priority over the other controls similar to the Label control
in VB6 which had least priority and was alway under other controls?

Thanks in advance