WordReports .NET v1.1.25
A Report Writer Component by Jisys Software

WordReports .NET is a .NET reporting component that allows complete control
over Word document generation. The component embeds efficient Word and RTF
document creation into .NET web or desktop applications. Documents may be
created without Microsoft Word, or any form of automation. Generate reports,
with charts and database binding. Layout templates in Word. Comes with example
source code, coding tutorials, and e-mail support. Prices from $99. Free
30-day evaluation copy.

What's New?
Version 1.1.25 enhances reporting and database support. Mail merge now generates
a single output document. Determine report structure at runtime. Load templates
directly from a database. Added vertical alignment and hyperlinked bookmarks.
Generate reports with less code using repeatable template regions. Support
for international font character sets.