Save Time. Save Money. Reduce Stress. Simplify Software and Data

Make Sure Your Users Run the Right Version of Your Program, the Most Current
Data, Every Time, Automatically, Without Headaches!

dXLoader is a data and application file updating tool that allows you to
refresh program and data files automatically. Deployment of updated
versions of executables and other files is now easily managed and occurs
transparently on the end-user's computer. Concurrency of application
versions across all users is ensured. Everyone on your network runs the
same version, and is kept current with everyone else, all with no need for
interfacing with Internet Information Services server and setting up
special, arcane connections to web services, and being locked in to a
specific technology.

dXLoader guarantees that your users always launch the right version of your
programs with the right version of your data files. Easily manage programs
and your databases to ensure that users:

Use the latest version of your programs
For example, your program has been updated with new features or a new
version of a control. Perhaps DLLs have been changed and need
re-registering. Eliminate the need to manually install and register new or
updated components. Let dXLoader do it for you.

Use the latest version of your data.
Notebook users are always in need of fresh data when they leave the office
or return after working offsite. Let dXLoader manage that for you. Remote
users need batch updates for local file access. It's a snap with dXLoader.

dXLoader Simplifies Deployments and Updates

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