i'm currently studying Software Development and have a question to ask regarding a Use Case Diagram I have to create (As part of analysis work to lead on to design at a later date)

With the problem domain (Listed below), i'm assuming that my Boundary would be the "Information Storage System", as pretty much this is being specified as the main requirement.

If that is the case, am I then right for assuming that only 5 Actors would be displayed using the system? ("Manager", "Cashier", "End of day ", "Start of Day " and "End of month ")

..And as a result, that "Customer" and "Supplier" would not be present as they don't directly interact with the system?

If anyone could help me with my assumptions to get me on my way, i'd be very grateful.

Many thanks and regards,


----- Domain Desc ------

An information storage system is required for Paulís Second-Hand CD and DVD Emporium, which operates by selling goods for suppliers and receiving a commission. The information storage system is a computerised system used to record supplies, sales to customers and employees, and money collections by suppliers.

When a supplier supplies an item or number of items each one is categorised as either a non-seasonal good or seasonal good. If it is categorised as a seasonal good then the price of the item will be reduced by 25% after 3 months. If it is categorised as a non-seasonal good its price will not change unless a request by the supplier is made.

A customer may buy items at the checkout from the cashier. An employee can buy items at a concessionary price at the checkout from the manager. A cashier is allocated a concessionary sale entitlement of 25% off up to £150 worth of goods at the end of every month.
A supplier collects 50% of the payment from their supplied item once it is sold.
The system is started at the beginning of a day and shut down at the end of the day by the manager.

You may want to explain how supplier details are recorded and their transactions handled.

If you feel that the description is ambiguous in any way then you must list any assumptions you make.

---- end ----