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Thread: exe path and filename at run-time

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    exe path and filename at run-time

    I would like to get the full path and filename of the executable at run-time in either VB.NET or C#. This would be the counterpart to the App object in earlier versions of VB where I can use App.Path and App.EXEname. Also, what about the version information (App.Minor, App.Major, etc.)?

    Can anyone offer any help?

    Thank you,

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    > App.Path and App.EXEname

    > Also, what about the version information (App.Minor, App.Major, etc.)?

    If it doesn't already have one, add an Assembly Information file to your project (Project -> Add New Item -> Assembly Information File). That file (usually named AssemblyInfo.vb or .cs) will contain an AssemblyVersion attribute that looks something like this:

    <Assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.*")>

    (The asterisk tells VS.NET to automatically increment the version number on each build; you may override this behavior by hard-coding an explicit version number in the attribute.)

    Once you've assigned a version attribute to your assembly, you may obtain it at runtime like this:

    Dim AppVersion As String = System.Windows.Forms.Application.ProductVersion
    Phil Weber

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    Thank you very much. The link gave me the information I needed. The application I am writing is a service app, and the last example is the one that worked. After I wrote the original message, I stumbled across the System.Windows.Forms.Application object, but of course it was not applicable to my service.

    FYI - The third example has an error. BaseDirectory is a property and not a method. The parenthesis should be removed.

    Thanks again,
    Jack Helfrich

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